EP #850: Florida Art Therapy Services with Reina Lombardi

Good Neighbor Podcast with Florida Art Therapy Services

What Makes Florida Art Therapy Services a Good Neighbor…

Florida Art Therapy Services, LLC is a Mental Health Private Practice specializing in Creative Individual & Group Therapy, Consultations, and Clinical Supervision of and Professional Development Training for Therapists. We offer appointments in our Fort Myers office and via telehealth to individuals throughout the State of Florida. Our therapists are trained in the areas of Expressive Arts Therapies, Play Based Approaches, Eye-Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy, and Clinical Supervision. Additionally, we collaborate with agencies and non-profits in both Lee and Collier counties facilitating customized art therapy groups to their site locations.

Sometimes people think that the creative experiential approaches to treatment we offer are just for children. The truth is that creative and expressive therapy approaches can be impactful for people of all ages and abilities. The creative process can help people bring to the surface things that have remained hidden, offer a new perspective to view one’s experience, coping strategies for stress reduction, an alternative way of communicating their experience in a way that words alone are unable to convey, and more. You don’t need any artistic skill or ability to participate and benefit from art therapy.

To learn more about Florida Art Therapy Services please visit: http://www.floridaarttherapyservices.com

Florida Art Therapy Services
5272 Summerlin Commons Way #602
Fort Myers, Florida 33907
(239) 297-7099

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