EP #864: MVP Realty with Kim Pojeta

Good Neighbor Podcast with MVP Realty

What Makes MVP Realty and Kim Pojeta Good Neighbors…

My husband, Troy “TJ” Oakes, and I have invested in Real Estate in both Virginia and Florida since 1994. We are a local real estate team providing you exceptional customer service. We are available “24/7”. We ensure buyers and sellers are knowledgeable of the process and understand the forms being presented. We respect the value of a person’s time and respond quickly to all requests by phone, email, or in person.

Awards: * 2021 MVP Realty GOLD Champions * 5 Star Professional Agent 2020 – 2023 * Top Agent Magazine cover story 2021 * Broker*Agent Advisor, 5 star, top 100

To learn more about MVP Realty, go to: https://www.viewhomesnaplesfl.com/about

MVP Realty
1495 Pine Ridge Rd #1
Naples FL 34109

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