EP #89: Wellbridges Health Center with Deborah Post

Good Neighbor Podcast with Wellbridges Health Center

What Makes Wellbridges Health Center a Good Neighbor…

Wellbridges Health Center functions as a bridge to optimal health between conventional, pharmaceutical based medicine and integrative, functional medicine.

We will offer you solutions to problems that you didn’t know were available, to solve the health issues that often conventional medicine deem uncorrectable or does not recognize are important to you.

Our team stands ready with personalized support, education, and enhanced health care for you. When you bring records from your last several years, all medications & supplements (even those you don’t use), and the forms we send to you, we will start the process and find your options for radical recovery.

To learn more about Wellbridges Health Center, go to: https://wellbridges.com/

Wellbridges Health Center
9200 Bonita Beach Rd, Ste. 213
Bonita Springs, FL 34135

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