EP #908: NEXA Mortgage with Ruth Johaningsmeir

NEXA Mortgage with Ruth Johaningsmeir

What Makes NEXA Mortgage a Good Neighbor…

Ruth Johaningsmeir is a Mortgage Specialist for NEXA Mortgage. She focuses on liquidity loans, using your home as a financial tool.

With over 200 lenders competing for your business, Ruth can make your dreams come true by providing you money. Some of the many loan products she can help you with include:
·      Primary Residence
·      Second Homes
·      Investment Properties
·      Reverse Mortgage
·      Short term rental and DSCR
·      Bank Statement
·      Self Employed
·      VA & Emergency Responders
·      FHA & Down Payment Assistance
·      Renovation
·      Retired
·      Expats & Foreign Nationals
·      Lines of Credit and Heloc

To learn more about NEXA Mortgage, go to: NaplesFLLoans.com

NEXA Mortgage

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