EP #91: Vein Specialists with Dr. Joseph Magnant

Good Neighbor Podcast with Vein Specialists

What Makes Vein Specialists a Good Neighbor…

Dr. Magnant opened the doors at Vein Specialists in Fort Myers in 2006 with a commitment to focus his vascular surgery practice 100% on the modern evaluation and minimally invasive therapy of venous disease. Vein Specialists has remained focused on venous disease management since day 1, and has continued to grow to meet the demands of southwest Florida over its history. The Bonita Springs office was opened in 2014 to better serve the patients of southern Lee and Collier counties. Dr. Magnant works alongside 4 advanced medical providers including 3 nurse practitioners and 1 Physician Assistant. The Vascular laboratory employs 8 full and part time registered vascular sonographers or technologists who are responsible for performing the diagnostic ultrasound examinations. Both offices are accredited Vein Centers and Vascular laboratories, certified by the prestigious Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC).

Vein specialists treats the full spectrum of venous disease from spider veins to venous ulcers and everything in between including varicose veins, swollen legs, stasis pigmentation and stasis dermatitis. Vein Specialists’ outpatient approach to the comprehensive management of venous disease and their performance of the full spectrum of minimally invasive venous procedures under local anesthesia with optional oral or IV conscious sedation (for IVUS cases, enables patients to avoid the risks of general or regional anesthesia, and other hospital-related inconveniences and ensures a safe, effective, efficient and nearly painless treatment and recovery.

To learn more about Vein Specialists, go to: https://www.weknowveins.com/

Vein Specialists
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