EP #92: Fort Myers Chiropractic Studio with Dr. Christine Hoch

Good Neighbor Podcast with Fort Myers Chiropractic Studio

What Makes Fort Myers Chiropractic Studio a Good Neighbor…

My goal is simply to support you in a real-life approach to your health care so that you actually succeed in achieving optimal health. By providing quality Chiropractic and Acupuncture services, specific nutritional support, education on how to reduce stress and achieve a balanced nutrient dense diet, and by providing wellness programs and services, you will ultimately have the physical capabilities and stamina to carry out your life’s purpose with less threat of disease and dependence on medications. I am your drug-less health care provider! If you are dissatisfied with the impersonal nature of today’s health care system, if you feel rushed with your doctor and unable to ask the important questions about your health, if your time is too valuable to wait weeks for an appointment and then spend an hour or more in the waiting room, or if you are looking for hands-on care that doesn’t involve more medications – then my practice is a great fit for you.

To learn more about Fort Myers Chiropractic Studio, go to: https://fortmyerschirostudio.com/

Fort Myers Chiropractic Studio LLC
12655 New Brittany Blvd. #13W
Fort Myers, FL 33907
(239) 243-8735

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