SWFL Podcast of the Month

Podcast Spotlight - July 2023

Aedes Taeniorhynchus: The Black Salt Marsh Mosquito

Mostly Mosquitos
Host: Josh Neeley

In this episode, we discuss Black Salt Marsh Mosquitoes and the role they play along many coastlines throughout the Gulf and Atlantic regions, as well as what makes this coastal raider one of the most aggressive and pestiferous species of mosquito in Southwest Florida.

To learn more:
Call: (239) 322-2813
Website: WWW.MosquitoMarshals.com

How To Determine Personal Property in the Real Estate "as is" Contract

Host: Matt Goodwin

Candid advice from experienced a Florida Real Estate Agent and other experts.

In this episode, learn what "as is" means in regards to personal property.

To learn more:
Call: (239) 207-3403
Website: https://flestatelaw.com/

Podcast Spotlight - June 2023

The Impact of LOVE

Your Trusted Advisor
Host: Alina Gonzales-Dockery

What makes Life Law Planning different is that Alina built this firm with the needs of growing families in mind. She understands you are BUSY, you are growing, you are planning for a life of prosperity and you value ease, convenience and efficiency. You want to know you’ve made the best decisions for your family and that your plan will work when your loved ones need it most. You want to make sure your children and family would be taken care of in the best way possible. That is Alina's focus as well.

To learn more:
Call: (239) 789-2533
Website: lifelawplanning.com

What You Should Know About Your AC Filters

Comfort On Porpoise
Host: Lauren Tancreti

Dolphin Cooling & Heating has been providing Naples, FL and the surrounding areas with “Comfort on Porpoise” through reliable air conditioning service since 1998.

They are committed to provide the highest quality air conditioning service and your comfort is our first priority. Communication and trust are keys to building their long term relationships. They are a family of dedicated people and when you become one of their customers you become part of theirs.

To learn more:
Visit: DolphinCooling.com
Call: (239) 596-9044
Email: [email protected]

Naples Real Estate Report - Hurricane Ian Impact on Prices 6-Months Later

In this episode, learn from local Real Estate Expert what impact Hurricane Ian has had on the industry 6-months after this natural disaster.

To learn more:
Call: (239) 293-3592
Website: www.NardiRealty.com

The Xando Energy Story with Spencer Havemann

In this episode, meet Spencer Havemann and learn about the Xando Energy story!

To learn more:
Call: (239) 300-9115
Website: www.xandoenergy.com

Podcast Spotlight - May 2023

Seeing the World Through Robin's Eyes

Tastefully Yours
Host: Diane Torrisi

Connect with Robin Davis, stylist, writer and influencer of the Well Traveled Stilettos on Instagram. We talk about Robin's perspective of the world, writing with her travels, and her views on some social media.

To learn more:
Call: (239) 595-3384
Website: https://dianetorrisidesigns.com

Frequently Asked Questions about Window Treatments

Bigger Bolder Brighter
Host: Ben Crotteau

In this episode Ben Crotteau answers the most frequently asked questions regarding plantation shutters and screen shades.

- Are wood shutters the best option?
- How do I clean my window treatments?
- What's the benefit of a motorized shade?

Listen in to learn this and so much more.

To learn more:
Call: (239) 495-6558
Website: SunCoastBlinds.com

What Med Spa Procedures are Right for You?

Sweet Spot MediSpa
Host: Amy Ingle

In this episode, Amy Ingle explains that the services we offer are listed on our website to eliminate confusion. She also discusses how we pre-consult booked procedures and how clients can book a free 30-minute consultation, if they are uncertain of the procedures that will be right for them.

To learn more:
Call: (239) 789-3098
Website: www.SweetSpotMediSpa.com

Podcast Spotlight - April 2023

River Cruises

Dream Vacations
Hosts: Greg & Laurie Shuss

EP #1: Everything You NEED to Know About River Cruises

To learn more:
(855) 627-8473

Dancing Makes You Smarter

Coffee with the Doc
Host: Dr. Glen Schaffer

In this episode, Dr. Glen Schaffer talks about how this one activity, dancing,  along with the physical benefits, makes a big difference in cognition and memory more than anything else!

To learn more about San Carlos Chiropractic go to: www.DrGlenSchaffer.com

(239) 267-3133

FHA vs Conventional Mortgage

Real Estate Conversations
Host: Onetia Cameron

EP #2: What is the difference between a FHA Mortgage and Conventional Mortgage?

To learn more:
Call:  (239) 321-2205

Podcast Spotlight - March 2023

Common Misconceptions of Estate Planning

Your Trusted Advisor
Host: Alina Gonzalez-Dockery

EP #2: Common Misconceptions of Estate Planning for the Modern Family

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(863) 640-3167

Buying or Selling Your Home

Host: Matt Goodwin

On episode 10 of Goodwin Law UNPLUGGED, we're talking all about the options that are available to you when choosing a title agent when buying or selling a home. Did you even know you could choose your title agent? Some people don't know that's an option and there are several other misconceptions and unknowns about this part of the real estate transaction.

To learn more about Goodwin Law, P.A. go to: https://flestatelaw.com/

Computer Back Up Options

Naples Mac Help
Host: Jeff Bohr

EP #4: Computer Back Up Options for Your Mac - What You Need To Know

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(239) 595-0482

Podcast Spotlight - February 2023

Your Difficult Relationship Questions Answered

The Mandala Podcast
Host: Bri Jaworski

Bri answers some of your most difficult relationship questions!

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(239) 360-1983

Podcast Spotlight - January 2023

Your Health Journey and Your Significant Other

Naples Vitality Podcast
Host: Dr. Linell King

Dr. King and his wife, Kashima address the importance of spouses and partners working together to optimize their health.

To learn more:
Naples Vitality
3411 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 200
Naples, FL 34103
Phone: 239.326.0256

Podcast Spotlight - July 2022

Teeth Whitening Tips

Brighter Smiles Podcast
Host: Dr. Aaron Leishman

Considering whitening? No one explains it better. Dr. Leishman "geeks out" on the science of whitening, what causes teeth to stain in the first place, and how we can fix it.

To learn more...
Aaron A. Leishman DMD, PA
9500 Corkscrew Palms Circle, Suite 4
Estero, Florida 33928
Tel: 239-947-7992

Understanding Inflammation

Naples Vitality Podcast
Host: Dr. Linell King

Inflammation is the health buzzword not many truly understand and it's at the center of most chronic diseases. If we know what it is and how to reverse it, then we have the keys to the kingdom and the means to address all the various chronic illnesses.

Dr. Linell King explains what inflammation is, how we can know we have it, and what we can do about it.

To learn more...
Naples Vitality
3411 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 200
Naples, FL 34103
Phone: 239.326.0256

Rick Takes the Mystery Out of Wind Mitigation Reporting!

Trade Secrets Inspections Podcast
Host: Rick Kooyman

Be informed: storms, insurance, claims, and inspections are part of home ownership in SWFL. When it comes to wind mitigation reporting, Rick explains what "1802" and Citizens are, and why they go hand-in-hand!

To learn more...
Trade Secrets Inspections
Rick Kooyman
[email protected]
(239) 537-1186

Podcast Spotlight - April 2022

How To Keep Your Plants & Grass Thriving Even During Water Restrictions

Davidson Irrigation & Lighting Podcast
Host: Neida Carvalho

Yes even during a drought, your landscaping can still look vibrant provided your irrigation system is operating properly.

In this episode, Neida Carvalho shares how to successfully navigate water restrictions in your community and shares a case study of a client who was able to reduce his water bill from $1,200/mo. to $300/mo. by following Neida's recommendations.

For more information:
Davidson Irrigation & Landscape Lighting
Neida Carvalho

Weeds & Mold!

Adventures in Paver Sealing Podcast
Host: Jeff Evers

If you’ve got pavers, chances are good you’ve dealt with unwanted growth. Host,
Jeff Evers gives listeners information on treating weeds and mold, the dastardly duo that plagues brick pavers, especially in moist environments like Florida!

To learn more, visit https://www.paverprotectors.com/faq.html

Paver Protectors, Inc.
12801 Commerce Lakes Drive, Ste 13
Fort Myers, FL 33913-8640
(239) 288-0705

Where is the Naples Real Estate Market Going in 2022?

Nardi Realty Podcast
Host: Robert Nardi

Do you ever wish you had a crystal ball that could predict the future? When it comes to the Naples Real Estate Market there's no magic required. In this episode Robert Nardi shares his experience in up markets, down markets and where the 2022 real estate market is headed.

To learn more about Nardi Realty:
Call: 239-293-3592
Website: www.NardiRealty.com

Or visit:
Nardi Realty
3400 Tamiami Trail N., Suite 103
Naples, FL 34103

"Brotox" It's for men too!

Sweet Spot MediSpa Podcast
Host: Amy Ingle

Amy Ingle discusses the growing popularity among men requesting Botox for keeping that youthful look. She reviews Botox and Jeuveau toxins generally used and their effectiveness for treating men. What can you expect from this treatment?

To learn more about the Sweet Spot MediSpa:
Call: 239-789-3098
Website: www.SweetSpotMediSpa.com

Or one of the Sweet Spot MediSpa locations:
12220 Towne Lake Dr Suite 01, Fort Myers, FL 33913
4989 S. Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33907
109 E. Olympia Ave Punta Gorda, FL 33950

Podcast Spotlight - March 2022

The Power of Forgiveness

Coffee with the Doc
Host: Dr. Glen Schaffer, San Carlos Chiropractic

If you’ve ever experienced any degree of road rage, some form of workplace or family conflict, what might be described as an unpardonable offense, or just minor daily irritations and insults, this podcast episode is for you. The power of forgiveness goes far beyond right and wrong, impacting personal health and well-being even to the point of life or death. 

To learn more about San Carlos Chiropractic go to: www.DrGlenSchaffer.com
San Carlos Chiropractic
19150 Acorn Road
Fort Myers, FL 33967
(239) 267-3133

Living Without Back Pain

Bridging the Gap Physical Therapy Podcast
Host: Dr. David Lee

Living with low back pain? You’re not alone! In fact, four out of five people will have a low back episode at some point in their lives. Although difficult to diagnose, your low back pain can be alleviated….. with the right treatment.

To learn more about Bridging The Gap Physical Therapy go to:
Bridging The Gap Physical Therapy
28410 Bonita Crossings Blvd., Suite 110
Bonita Springs, FL 34135
(239) 676-0546

What Will the 2022 Housing Market Bring?

SW Florida Realty Show with Billee Silva
Host: Billee Silva

SWFL Realtor, Billee Silva, recaps 2021's Real Estate market, discusses what higher mortgage rates in 2022 could mean for homebuyers and what the real estate market looks like for 2022.

To learn more about Billee Silva:
Jones & Co Realty
(239) 247-2490