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Podcast Spotlight - April 2022

How To Keep Your Plants & Grass Thriving Even During Water Restrictions

Davidson Irrigation & Lighting Podcast
Host: Neida Carvalho

Yes even during a drought, your landscaping can still look vibrant provided your irrigation system is operating properly.

In this episode, Neida Carvalho shares how to successfully navigate water restrictions in your community and shares a case study of a client who was able to reduce his water bill from $1,200/mo. to $300/mo. by following Neida's recommendations.

For more information:
Davidson Irrigation & Landscape Lighting
Neida Carvalho

Weeds & Mold!

Adventures in Paver Sealing Podcast
Host: Jeff Evers

If you’ve got pavers, chances are good you’ve dealt with unwanted growth. Host,
Jeff Evers gives listeners information on treating weeds and mold, the dastardly duo that plagues brick pavers, especially in moist environments like Florida!

To learn more, visit https://www.paverprotectors.com/faq.html

Paver Protectors, Inc.
12801 Commerce Lakes Drive, Ste 13
Fort Myers, FL 33913-8640
(239) 288-0705

Where is the Naples Real Estate Market Going in 2022?

Nardi Realty Podcast
Host: Robert Nardi

Do you ever wish you had a crystal ball that could predict the future? When it comes to the Naples Real Estate Market there's no magic required. In this episode Robert Nardi shares his experience in up markets, down markets and where the 2022 real estate market is headed.

To learn more about Nardi Realty:
Call: 239-293-3592
Website: www.NardiRealty.com

Or visit:
Nardi Realty
3400 Tamiami Trail N., Suite 103
Naples, FL 34103

"Brotox" It's for men too!

Sweet Spot MediSpa Podcast
Host: Amy Ingle

Amy Ingle discusses the growing popularity among men requesting Botox for keeping that youthful look. She reviews Botox and Jeuveau toxins generally used and their effectiveness for treating men. What can you expect from this treatment?

To learn more about the Sweet Spot MediSpa:
Call: 239-789-3098
Website: www.SweetSpotMediSpa.com

Or one of the Sweet Spot MediSpa locations:
12220 Towne Lake Dr Suite 01, Fort Myers, FL 33913
4989 S. Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33907
109 E. Olympia Ave Punta Gorda, FL 33950

Podcast Spotlight - March 2022

The Power of Forgiveness

Coffee with the Doc
Host: Dr. Glen Schaffer, San Carlos Chiropractic

If you’ve ever experienced any degree of road rage, some form of workplace or family conflict, what might be described as an unpardonable offense, or just minor daily irritations and insults, this podcast episode is for you. The power of forgiveness goes far beyond right and wrong, impacting personal health and well-being even to the point of life or death. 

To learn more about San Carlos Chiropractic go to: www.DrGlenSchaffer.com
San Carlos Chiropractic
19150 Acorn Road
Fort Myers, FL 33967
(239) 267-3133

Living Without Back Pain

Bridging the Gap Physical Therapy Podcast
Host: Dr. David Lee

Living with low back pain? You’re not alone! In fact, four out of five people will have a low back episode at some point in their lives. Although difficult to diagnose, your low back pain can be alleviated….. with the right treatment.

To learn more about Bridging The Gap Physical Therapy go to:
Bridging The Gap Physical Therapy
28410 Bonita Crossings Blvd., Suite 110
Bonita Springs, FL 34135
(239) 676-0546

What Will the 2022 Housing Market Bring?

SW Florida Realty Show with Billee Silva
Host: Billee Silva

SWFL Realtor, Billee Silva, recaps 2021's Real Estate market, discusses what higher mortgage rates in 2022 could mean for homebuyers and what the real estate market looks like for 2022.

To learn more about Billee Silva:
Jones & Co Realty
(239) 247-2490