EP #146: Naples Community Church with Pastor Kirt Anderson

Good Neighbor Podcast with Naples Community Church

What Makes Naples Community Church a Good Neighbor…

We Exist to Connect People to a Vibrant Faith
Naples Community Church is called to be a people of uncommon character, a fellowship of loved people striving to live God’s love in Christ. Our mission—building on our identity, our core values, and our location—is to fashion a church that excels in its faithful proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, its love of children, its openness and acceptance of people, its depth of fellowship, and its service to the community.

We are Intentionally Redemptive
Since Jesus Christ will not cast out those whom the Father has given him, we will live to affirm the mercy and forgiveness of God in Christ and the promise of newness of life.

We are Distinctively Local
Since ministry begins in one’s own household, we will live to serve those in our midst; in our church, in our community, and in our world wherever we are called out to minister.

We are Purposefully Independent
Since we are stewards of grace we assume full responsibility for our choices, positions, decisions, and actions, even while affirming our unity, accountability, and common mission with the whole church.

We are Thoroughly Accepting
Since God so loved the world so do we, and we therefore endeavor to be characterized by warmth in our relationships, humor in our disagreements, winsomeness in our welcoming, and openness in our biblical, doctrinal, and practical inquiries. We’re a church where outliers find a home!

To learn more about Naples Community Church, go to: https://www.naplescommunitychurch.org/

Naples Community Church
NAPLES, FL 34102
(239) 213-1325

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