EP #356: Swimtastic Swim School with Dr. Lindsay Pursglove

Good Neighbor Podcast with Swimtastic Swim School

What Makes Swimtastic Swim School a Good Neighbor…

We are proud to serve parents and individuals looking for high-quality, professional swimming education. Swimtastic is a premium learn-to-swim and performance-based swim school that teaches all skill levels ranging from the fundamentals of water safety to competitive instruction so that our swimmers love the water, are safe and swim for life. Whether students make a career out of swimming like our instructors or not, we are committed to making every lesson the start of a lifetime love of the water.

At Swimtastic, we understand swimming is a life skill so much that we have built a school focused on learning to swim. Learning to swim is one of the few childhood activities that could actually save your life. We strive to give every child (and adults) the opportunity to learn the life saving skill of swimming from passionate, certified teachers so they are safer, strong and confident in the water for a lifetime.

To learn more about Swimtastic Swim School, go to: https://www.swimtastic.com/locations/fort-myers-fl

Swimtastic Swim School
10058 Gulf Center Dr
Fort Myers, FL 33913
(239) 471-3035

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