EP #547: Dynamic Physio Therapy with Dr. Chris Ellis

Good Neighbor Podcast with Dynamic Physio Therapy

What Makes Dynamic Physio Therapy a Good Neighbor…

Dynamic Physio Therapy is a sports performance facility located in North Naples. We utilize a three step to help you achieve your goals. First, we do a thorough evaluation and assess posture, strength, range of motion, and functional movement. Then we resolve pain through hands-on techniques that include massage, scraping, cupping, and mobility. Next we address the underlying issue and teach you how to keep it from coming back.

We have a state of the art training facility with multiple coaches. Not only do we resolve pain, we can also optimize performance. Throughout our training together, we discuss not only movement, but also some fundamentals of general wellness such as sleep, hydration, nutrition, and a daily movement practice. Most importantly, we put you on a clear path to achieve your personal goals.

To learn more about Dynamic Physio Therapy, go to: www.dynamicnaples.com

Dynamic Physio Therapy
14700 Tamiami Trail North #27
Naples, FL, 34110,

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