EP #568: Naples Premier Concierge with Dr. Erin Whitney

Good Neighbor Podcast with Naples Premier Concierge

What Makes Naples Premier Concierge a Good Neigbor…

Naples Premier Concierge is a small, personalized medical practice that takes care of a limited number of patients, allowing each one to receive the time they need. In our practice, we schedule all yearly physical and new patient appointments for 2 hours and follow up visits for 1 hour. Urgent visits are seen the same day or next day. Naples Premier Concierge also offers inpatient hospital care at NCH, home visits and we follow our patients at nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Our mission is to offer the best possible medical care in a timely and compassionate way.

To learn more about Naples Premier Concierge, go to: http://www.naplespremierconcierge.com/

Naples Premier Concierge
1112 Goodlette Road
Suite 202
Naples FL, 34102
(239) 692-8495

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