EP #885: On Call Wound Care with Dr. Beatriz Coccaro Word

Good Neighbor Podcast with On Call Wound Care

What Makes On Call Wound Care a Good Neighbor…

On Call Wound Care is a company managed by a wound healing specialist nurse practitioner with over 25 years of experience caring for patients with chronic wounds. The company’s mission is to achieve faster healing of chronic wounds, prevent the recurrence of chronic wounds after they heal, and prevent the development of facility-acquired pressure injuries at nursing homes by educating the clinical staff and providing evidence-based treatments emphasizing value delivery and personalized compassionate care. Our nurse practitioner will evaluate and treat patients in the comfort of their homes or if they are residing at a skilled or long-term care nursing facility. Services include evaluation and treatment of chronic wounds, wound debridement if necessary, test orders, family members and home health nurses training, management of wound care orders, and referrals to specialists and social services if needed. The nurse practitioner manages the patient by coordinating the care among the nurses and sending electronic medical record submissions with digital photographs to the patient’s primary care physician, surgeons, and other specialists after each visit.

To learn more about On Call Wound Care, go to: www.oncallwoundcare.com

On Call Wound Care
909 SE 47th Terrace
Suite 203-1
Cape Coral, FL 33904

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