EP #916: Phleb Cares Mobile Phlebotomy with Sandra Vlahakis & Mila Accilio

Good Neighbor Podcast with Phleb Cares Mobile Phlebotomy

What Makes Phleb Cares Mobile Phlebotomy a Good Neighbor…

Our experienced phlebotomy professionals put your lab needs first. We are proud to provide a high level of quality customer service, medical experience, and commitment to the safety and security of all our patients. Our goal is to make your lab experience as comfortable, convenient and stress-free as possible.

With years of experience, our highly skilled and certified phlebotomy professionals follow strict quality assurance procedures to ensure the accuracy and dependability of your results.

To learn more about Phleb Cares Mobile Phlebotomy, go to: https://phlebcares.com/

Phleb Cares Mobile Phlebotomy
(239) 351-7389

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