EP #100: Your Home Watch Professionals with Diane Pisani

What Makes Your Home Watch Professionals a Good Neighbor…

Diane Pisani is an Educator and Advocate for the profession of Home Watch.

Diane moved to Southwest Florida, from Indiana in 2003. A friend told her that she would make a great Home Watcher and Concierge. Diane’s response was: “I thought you could only find a concierge at a hotel and what the heck is Home Watch?”

The journey began when she worked for a Home Watch company in 2004. From there Diane went to a Real Estate business and established their Home Watch and Concierge division. In 2006, she and a business partner started their company which grew quickly.

A true entrepreneur and business owner since 1986, Diane was amazed that Home Watch was an unregulated business with no professional standards, licensing requirements, or training. She learned that there was a lot of demand for education, so she founded Your Home Watch Professionals Training and Resources in 2009.

Hundreds have been educated at the Naples Training Center. The time for an online program was obvious to Diane for many years.

The Home Watch Academy launched in 2020 and is the first eLearning platform in this profession that is well on its way to becoming an industry. Students can take the Home Watch Training Program to get the education they need to launch or grow their own business. There are countless other resources that are continually updated.

Now, professionals in any seasonal city can take advantage of an established, proven, training system. Students complete the courses on their own time and at their own pace. They are in business for themselves, not by themselves.

To learn more about the Home Watch Academy, go to: www.HomeWatchAcademy.com


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