EP #101: Refined Image with Dr. Andrea Bickerton

Good Neighbor Podcast with Refined Image

What Makes Refined Image a Good Neighbor…

Andrea Bickerton, MD, is the medical director at Refined Image, where she puts into practice her conviction that the patient comes first. Dr. Bickerton uses her considerable expertise not only to help people benefit from better health, but to also increase their confidence and enjoyment of life. She specializes in aesthetics, weight loss, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and vaginal health. Dr. Bickerton understands that her patients need a combination of medical and aesthetic services to truly achieve optimum wellness and well-being.

To learn more about Refined Image, go to: https://refinedimagenaples.com/

Refined Image
8855 Immokalee Rd #11
Naples FL 34120
(239) 302-3540

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