EP #158 – Henri Noel Fine Jewelry with Vivian Grimes

Good Neighbor Podcast with Henri Noel

What Makes Henri Noël Fine Jewelry a Good Neighbor…

Henri Noël Fine Jewelry, founded by Naples native Vivian Grimes, launched this year online and through her showroom located in North Naples. The business focuses on delivering luxury layering pieces at fair, honest pricing. A third generation jeweler, Vivian combines the tradition and craftsmanship practiced by her father and grandfather with the panache and flair of her own surroundings. Although the cyclical trends of the fashion world are constantly changing, Henri Noël seeks to provide timeless pieces that will last a lifetime. Express your beauty and individualism with Henri Noël today!

To learn more about Henri Noël Fine Jewelry, go to: https://henrinoel.com/collections

Henri Noël Fine Jewelry

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  1. Vivian very well done a quite enjoyable and informative , I learned the most about you in these 18 minutes than I ever new about you ..It sounds exciting and challenging but you have been challenged many times with great success, sounds so exciting , my help is always available , luv ya Uncle Joe

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